Physical Education


Sporting Programme

The Grand Avenue Sporting Programme aims to maximise participation and set foundations for students to create and maintain healthy lifestyles. Students are taught how to deal with group dynamics in team situations and foster positive personal and social attitudes. They are taught to recognize the need for practice and patience and how to follow rules when participating in games.  Students will be given the opportunity to develop their skills and be recognised in the sporting community. Updates on what’s happening in the P.E. Department can be found on the P.E. Calendar published in the School Newsletter Term One of each year. Celebrations and success are also published in the School Newsletter throughout the year.

Each Prep to Year 6 class engage in 30min PE classes weekly. During Term 1, Aerobic Fitness training aims to improve student’s endurance levels in preparation for the annual Cross Country.  Term 2 Students participate in Anaerobic Exercises that promote strength, speed and power in preparation for Track and Field events leading into the school’s Athletics Carnivals. Terms 3 & 4 cover gross motor development where students focus on small and large ball sports. During this time students enjoy multiple workshops and development programs offered by a number of sporting organisations.

The Grand Avenue Cross Country and Athletics Carnivals give students the opportunity to qualify for District trails with the potential to make the Southern Scorpions District team. From here they have the opportunity to make further teams and compete at Regional and State competitions, representing the school and our District.


Interschool Sport is offered to Years 5 & 6 and played during Terms 1 and 3 on designated Friday afternoons for 5 weeks determined by the District Association.  Students need to nominate and trial to make school teams. These teams go on to compete against other schools in our district to earn District Champion and then have the chance to play as a team in Met West trials for school sports.

These activities offer students the opportunity to play competition sport as a representative of our school. It teach students commitment, turning up to trainings and games and being responsible for their in the team. They have to be reliable and respectful and support each other. Students must adhere to a Code of Behaviour whilst representing the school during these events and maintain the highest level of sportsmanship.

Students are dismissed from class at 10.45am for lunch and depart school at 11:00am.  Students travel by bus to various locations to participate.  Letters are sent out to parents indicating the cost for each sport prior to commencement.  Fees are paid in full before the start of the sport season to ensure student participation. 

Currently the Interschool Sports on offer include;

  • Volleyball
  • Rugby League
  • Soccer
  • Touch football
  • Basketball
  • Netball
  • AFL

Hubfit kicked off in 2020 as an alternative to Interschool Sport. Hubfit Active offers students that may not be interested in teams sports the opportunity to attend a Fitness Hub where sports like Gymnastics, Parkour, Ninja Warrior Circuits, Meditation, Yoga, Aerobics and Prama (a new age virtual interactive workout class) that focuses on developing students Health and wellbeing along with esteem building, team work, aerobic and anerobic fitness, muscle strength and condition.

Sporting Schools is an additional sports program offered each term for years two to six. Students are given the opportunity to participate in one of seven different sporting programs run by professional coaches. This aims to maximise participation in sport for students and allow them to access knowledge and information to develop further with expert guidance. But most importantly, it’s a lot of FUN!

Sporting Squads are formed to allow students opportunities to compete in local and district sporting events and be recognised in the sporting community. Sporting squads are composed of students that excel in particular sporting areas and demonstrate commitment and determination to self-development. Students selected in these squads will receive sports mentoring, coaching and the opportunity to compete in local and district competitions. This includes Athletics, Cross Country and Triathlon.

Running Club is offered during Term one and two and for year’s two to six, this gives the students the opportunity to develop and define their running technique and build aerobic fitness.

Triathlon, During Term 3 and 4 students are invited to try out for the school triathlon team. Students are required to be able to run at least 2000m and swim a minimum of 100m in open water in order to qualify. Friday afternoon training sessions are available and students travel up to the Sunshine coast late term four to compete in the All School Triathlon with the opportunity to qualify for a place in the State Competition.


Whole School Water Safety Program

As of 2020 Grand Avenue State School will commit to offer a Whole School Water safety program which will encompass, learn to swim as well as survival skills and first aid. Part of these programs will be subsidised using government funding and part will be paid by parents.

Last reviewed 20 November 2021
Last updated 20 November 2021